QQ Sushi Lounge

QQ Sushi Lounge
Kanalstra├če 10, Stuttgart, Germany

Been on a bit of a sushi trend lately. ­čÖé Decided to check out a place called QQ Sushi Lounge, after hearing about it from a co-worker. Compared to Sushi-Ya, I think I like this place better because 1) the prices are considerably reasonable, and you still have decent sushi, and 2) this place is reminiscent of the sushi restaurants in California. They have my favorite roll, the Dragon Roll, so I was pretty excited.

Fried tuna roll, salmon nigiri, salmon maki, imitation crab and cucumber maki, seaweed salad, miso soup, and Dragon roll (fried shrimp tempura with avocado and eel).


Kronprinzstra├če 6, Stuttgart, Germany

Good sushi is hard to come by in Germany, especially when you come from California and the sushi options are endless. Sushi-Ya┬ácomes pretty close, if not one of the best that I’ve had in Germany. Getting a seat here is about timing, as they don’t take reservations. The staff is organized and quick. The sushi is clean and exact, and while it’s a bit pricey compared to other sushi restaurants, you pay for the quality. This is all run by the master chef Somchai and his small group of sushi chefs.

The restaurant is next to Feinkost Boehm.

Negitoro-maki (chopped tuna belly with spring onions), Californian roll (prawn, avocado, and cucumber with flying fish roe and mayonnaise), Unakyu roll (eel and cucumber with sesame seeds), and Alaska roll (salmon and cucumber with sesame seeds).

Hvar, Croatia

If you’re looking for a getaway destination with natural beauty, a cool nightlife, and amazing seafood, Hvar, Croatia, is the place. For the first week in September, this is where I landed. Every day, it was a feast of mussels, shrimp, fish, and other shellfish. I ate so much much in fact that I believe I developed some sort of seafood allergy (I know, oh no!). Here are some restaurants I visited during my time in Hvar, some of which I highly recommend.

Konoba Musta─Źo

This restaurant is situated about 2km from the main town of Hvar and inside a quiet cove. It was easy to get to from the apartment I was staying in Hvar, as there was a foot path down to the cove. You can also rent rooms here (the word “konoba” is Croatian for “inn”). The inn faces the sea, and you can rent beach chairs or a boat for a tour of the waters.

Creamy shrimp noodles and seafood spaghetti.

Buffet Pizzeria Bepo

The owners of the apartment I was staying at recommended this restaurant, as it was within a five minute walking distance and served good seafood for a good price. And it had a great view.

The grilled fish place with fish, mini octopuses, crawfish, and vegetables.

Kod Barba Bozjeg

During my entire stay in Hvar, this was my favorite restaurant. Not only was the seafood delicious, the price was amazing as well. For two, we paid under 30 euros. The staff is very friendly, mainly presented by a large, balding man with glasses who looks like he could have been a pirate back in the day. Although the restaurant is in Milna, 4km from the city center, we managed to come back twice because it was that good.

Buzzara (tomato sauce) mussels and seafood spaghetti.

Dordota Vartal

Next to the Franciscan Monastery is my second favorite restaurant. Again, another restaurant with good food for a reasonable price.

Seafood pizza, grilled vegetables, and fried seafood.

Buffet Pizzeria Ex Rocco

Out of all the restaurants during my time in Hvar, this one was my least favorite. Although the service was great and the food was quick, I felt too rushed here. The restaurant is placed alongside three other ones, so I guess it felt like it had to compete.

Shrimp and zucchini risotto, and seafood spaghetti.

Hula Hula Beach Bar

We came here one afternoon after taking a stroll around Hvar. A fun place for drinks and random ocean diving. When the sun sets in the evening, this place really starts bumping.


Usually I don’t buy myself chocolate. It has always been this way. I think part of the reason is that I try to eat as healthy as possible, and I feel guilty when I buy junk. That’s why when you come to my place, there aren’t soda, candies, chips, cookies, or anything of the like. And if there are, they are mostly likely a gift from someone.

Bahnhofstrasse 21, Zurich, Switzerland

However, there are exceptions.┬áSpr├╝ngli is one of them. Zurich is very well known for its┬áSpr├╝ngli chocolates. In fact, you can only find┬áSpr├╝ngli stores in Switzerland (Germany has its Lindt brand, and Lindt and┬áSpr├╝ngli are actually co-companies). Zurich has its Spr├╝ngli┬áflagship store in Zurich, which is where I went this past weekend. The store also has a cafe upstairs (where I had housemade hot chocolate), and you can have cake and tea while overlooking the city center. It’s beautiful at┬áSpr├╝ngli. And, naturally, I bought myself some chocolates.

Dark chocolate truffles, dusted with cocoa powder.

Because I’m not a fan of milk chocolate, or chocolate with fruit or rum, I asked one of saleslady for a recommendation for simple dark chocolate. There were two options, one in a black box (pictured above) and one in a white box. I can’t remember what the white box had, but this black box of truffles are very, very good. The truffles are very light and soft. Amazing. Exactly what I was looking for.

And as I’m writing this, they are slowly disappearing from the box. ­čÖé

Cafe & Bar Celona

When I was a child, breakfast was the less important meal of the day. During the week when I went to school, my mom didn’t bother making breakfast. Instead, my brother and I were often fed chocolate cake or cookies with milk. Of course, I didn’t complain, but now the thought of it makes me weak. As an adult now, if I don’t have a proper breakfast in the morning, I get the shakes and a bad headache.

Cafe & Bar Celona
Holzgraben 31, Frankfurt, Germany

Fabian took me to Cafe & Bar Celona, a restaurant in Frankfurt that serves Spanish-esque food, including pastas and tapas. We went in the morning and had three different breakfast dishes that included scrambled eggs, supposedly-bac0n-like bacon, a variety of cheeses, breads, and fruit. It was probably the first time in awhile that I ate so much breakfast that I was still full until dinner.

This is what awesome looks like in the morning.