QQ Sushi Lounge

QQ Sushi Lounge
Kanalstra├če 10, Stuttgart, Germany

Been on a bit of a sushi trend lately. ­čÖé Decided to check out a place called QQ Sushi Lounge, after hearing about it from a co-worker. Compared to Sushi-Ya, I think I like this place better because 1) the prices are considerably reasonable, and you still have decent sushi, and 2) this place is reminiscent of the sushi restaurants in California. They have my favorite roll, the Dragon Roll, so I was pretty excited.

Fried tuna roll, salmon nigiri, salmon maki, imitation crab and cucumber maki, seaweed salad, miso soup, and Dragon roll (fried shrimp tempura with avocado and eel).


Kronprinzstra├če 6, Stuttgart, Germany

Good sushi is hard to come by in Germany, especially when you come from California and the sushi options are endless. Sushi-Ya┬ácomes pretty close, if not one of the best that I’ve had in Germany. Getting a seat here is about timing, as they don’t take reservations. The staff is organized and quick. The sushi is clean and exact, and while it’s a bit pricey compared to other sushi restaurants, you pay for the quality. This is all run by the master chef Somchai and his small group of sushi chefs.

The restaurant is next to Feinkost Boehm.

Negitoro-maki (chopped tuna belly with spring onions), Californian roll (prawn, avocado, and cucumber with flying fish roe and mayonnaise), Unakyu roll (eel and cucumber with sesame seeds), and Alaska roll (salmon and cucumber with sesame seeds).

Sushiholic and Mayo

Today I went to have sushi at Sushiholic with Hee. This sushi place is a minute walk from my flat (around the Etland building), so I’m thankful for its convenience because I know I would be coming back. The menu is a set buffet, which they place different sushi rolls on a conveyor belt that goes around the island in the middle of the restaurant (reminded me of the floating boats in SF and Pasadena). One thing I noticed is that Koreans sure love their mayo on their sushi. It was practically on everything, and while I’m a fan of mayo on egg sandwiches, not so much with sushi.

(taken from http://www.hoyummy.com)

We went to the restaurant around 12pm, and it was empty except for another English speaking couple. In an hour, the restaurant was filled. 13,000 won for the lunch sushi buffet, 16,000 for dinner.