My name is Anne. My love for food didn’t really come about until 2007, when I lived in a residential community for developmentally disabled adults. As part of my many duties, one of them was to cook dinners several times during the week. After a year of living in the community, I learned to love being in the kitchen.

I am a pesco-vegetarian, but I still think bacon is the greatest thing ever.

I’m a Californian, born and bred. I’ve lived in England, South Korea, and Switzerland. These days, I’m in Germany. German food isn’t so vegetarian friendly, but their knödel is pretty good.

My favorite cuisines are Chinese and Vietnamese. There’s nothing better than a bowl of juk or pho to make one feel better!

I created this blog to talk about food experiences, and recipes that I like to make from time to time. I don’t consider myself a professional chef, just a girl who loves to cook and feed the people she loves. 🙂





Side note. Most of the pictures, unless otherwise stated, are taken by me. Please do not use any pictures unless you have written permission from me. Thank you!