Juk with Shrimp

I have very fond memories of juk. I remember eating it every other day when I was a child. When we didn’t eat rice, it was juk (and when we didn’t eat juk, it was rice). My favorite was juk with ground beef.

Juk, or in other words known as congee, is very popular among Asian countries. It is a thick rice porridge, made by cooking in large quantities of water for a long period of time. The rice is cooked until it is very soft. Juk can be eaten almost any time of the day. I remember eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sometimes for snack. Because it is easily swallowed, it is also eaten when one was sick.

Hence why I decided to make some this past weekend. My mom always made juk for me and my brother whenever we had a cold or the stomach flu. Because I no longer eat meat, I decided to make some with shrimp.

1 cup rice
1 cup chicken broth
2 cups hot water
10 pieces medium sized shrimp
a dash of fish sauce
1 chopped green onion (optional)

1. Rinse rice until water is clear.
2. Stir together chicken broth, hot water, and fish sauce. Add chicken broth mixture into a large pot with rice. Simmer on low heat.
3. Chop up shrimp. Add shrimp to large pot.
4. Cook until rice is soft. Stir occasionally to make sure rice doesn’t burn. Add more water if needed.
5. Serve into bowls. Add chopped green onion on top for garnish.

2-4 servings

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