Being a vegetarian in Korea is a bit difficult. In England, almost every restaurant has at least several vegetarian options labeled on the menu, but there isn’t so much of that luxury in Korea. Koreans love their meat. So I decided to research vegetarian restaurants, and the first one I came up with was Sanchon in Insadong, which is run by a former monk and serves Buddhist temple food. The food is made with roots, herbs, plants, and vegetables that are grown in the mountain areas. Everything is natural and extremely healthy. A friend and I went one afternoon, and got to experience their lunch. The menu is set, no matter one time of day, so you simply come in, sit down, and wait for them to bring you the food: tofu, potatoes, mountain greens, jjigae, rice. The lunch menu is 22,000 won, and the dinner is 39,600 won with a show.

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