Butterfinger Pancakes

Today we were supposed to head down to Daecheon Beach for the Boryeong Festival, but because not enough people showed up (only 15 out of 70 showed up for 2 45-seater buses) and the rain was pretty heavy, Jason Ritzer (one of the managers for CDI) had to postpone the trip until next week. They were pretty nice about it, and ended taking the 15 of us to an American sort of diner in Apgujeong. The prices were a bit steep, but it was nice and comforting to be around the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I had a fruit salad, which consisted of berries, bananas, pineapple, apples, and oranges on top of iceberg lettuce (10,800 won). We later found out that the guys were paying for the whole meal, so one of us ordered the Sunday-something special: ice cream and a waffle with bananas, whipped cream, and fudge, and a cute little blue house cookie on top. 🙂

Butterfinger pancakes is located behind Burger King. Take subway line 3 to Apgujeong Station, take exit 2, and then head to Hak-dong Saggori.

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